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For us as parents of a 7yr old and a 13 yr old, The Shri Ram Universal School is home away from home, it is about the deep integrity, culture, values and pursuit of excellence, being effectively instilled into my children. I see them growing up grounded and at the same time deeply nurtured with their own expression of the personal self.

Initially when the lockdown began, I was truly worried. “How are we going to deal with these online classes?” “How would the learning be imparted?” were some of the thoughts that ran through my head. For a non-techie like me, who believes in tangible experiences of learning than a virtual connect, I was hesitant of how the situation would be handled by school. But, not once did my confidence in the system waver. The Shri Ram Management and Team truly put a spin on this situation, and lo! The interactive platform of MS teams became our connect with teachers.

The teachers trained the children on how to use Teams and the students were independent enough to deal with it. As a mother of two children, both in different segments (primary and secondary), I could observe the amount of effort, collaboration and meticulous planning, done by the coordinators and teachers into choosing what is the best for children.

Though the children could not attend the physical school, both the activity classes and the signature programs (‘All About Art’, ‘Fit Fest’ etc) were planned as if nothing had changed. Different people from different walks of life were invited to inspire and guide the children, on a wide range on topics from Cyber Safety to Environment, everything was done, keeping the well being bearing and interests of the children in mind.

A huge kudos and a shout out of Yippie to Team TSUS for doing such a fabulous job, and reminding us time to time that there definitely would be a silver lining to this lockdown.

You teachers touch our lives so very beautifully and make a difference to the learning with your persistence to excellence!

- Shilpa Chintalapati

At the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown, we were very apprehensive about the upcoming academic year especially for our elder one, Khanak. We were unsure about how the school is going to conduct the classes etc. But as the time progressed, all our worries and doubts were put to rest by the ever efficient Academic and Admin team of TSUS. We are very happy and satisfied with the way the Teachers conducted the online classes, motivated the students to keep attending and learning, teaching them about cybersafety, preparing them for online competitions, various Expert talks, the TED program and all the other activities that were conducted during the course of the online learning.

A special mentioned needs to be made of the Grade 2 teachers for keeping the young and little learners interested and still making them understand the various concepts of Mathematics, English, Science and Hindi.

We are pleased to see the academic and personality development in our kids over this year.

The TSUS team deserves a big round of Applause!

- Proud parents of TSUS