Follow the Teaching Practices, Values and Methodology of The Shri Ram Schools through its collaboration with Shri Educare Limited

A day in the life of a Shri Educator

Discover the passion and dedication that defines the Shri Shikshaks at TSUS, the backbone of our institution. Our teachers, fondly called Shri Shishshaks, are committed to creating a nurturing and fulfilling environment for our Shriites.

At the heart of their expertise lies the ability to craft engaging lessons tailored to meet the diverse learning needs of our students. They take immense pride in designing innovative approaches to assess student performance and comprehension.

Collaboration with peers and continuous research are integral parts of a Shri Shikshak's day, as they strive to enhance the overall student experience. Partnering with parents, they ensure that the individual needs of each student are met with utmost care and attention.

Our teachers actively participate in regular workshops and professional development programs, constantly honing their skills. Hand holding, unwavering support, and genuine care are the hallmarks of the Shri Shikshak experience. Additionally, our monthly bonding sessions are a cherished tradition, as we firmly believe that a happy teacher is the key to a happy school.

From the Shri Educators' desk...

The Shri Ram Universal School holds a special place in the hearts of many. Our Shri educators are vibrant individuals driven by passion and deeply committed to both teaching and lifelong learning. The warm smiles and genuine warmth that embrace us make us proud members of the close-knit Shri family. Each morning, we eagerly embrace the opportunity to inspire, connect, share, give, receive, and uphold the ethos and ideals of our esteemed institution.

Under the dynamic leadership of our management and the institution's head, each day is infused with liveliness and a progressive outlook. Whether it's the delightful surprise of a special snack during our stay back or the heartwarming 'You Deserve a Pat' cards from our seniors or peers, we feel valued and cherished.

Our monthly gathering, known as 'Shri Milap,' brings together the academic, administrative, and support staff, fostering a strong bond as a united family. We celebrate our collective efforts, where collaboration and enjoyment go hand in hand. Appreciation and recognition, such as the prestigious 'Aap Anmol Hain' awards, serve as powerful motivators, inspiring us to consistently deliver our very best.